Getting There in Benin city

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When planning a trip to Benin City, getting there can be done a number of ways. Whether by plane, bus, taxi or rental car, there is a mode of entry for everyone.

By Plane

There is a small airport located in Benin City as well as airports in many neighboring cities such as Lagos. Flying into smaller airports can be pricey, but is definitely efficient and a huge time saver as you don't have to worry about traveling for hours to reach your destination. Located at the airport are a number of transportation services such as bus, taxi and rental cars to get you to your final destination.

By Rental Car

If you travel into Benin City by rental car, you can easily get to your destination while staying on your own schedule. There are car rental services at airports throughout Nigeria that are more than happy to fit you with your ideal automobile. Especially if you're planning on doing lots of sightseeing, traveling into Benin City with a rental car you can use for the duration of your stay is a great deal.

By Taxi

Taxi's run between all the major airports and bus stations to a variety of destinations. Though the most expensive mode of transportation into the city, it gives you and your family the safety and privacy many people seek. Also faster than other methods of transportation, a taxi gets you to your destination quickly, not dropping people at other stops along the way.

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