Getting Around in Benin city

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In Benin City, transportation is surprisingly easy even with the poor quality of the roads. Once your arrive in Benin City by bus, plane or car, there are a number of ways to can travel within the city.

By Bus

Economic and efficient, traveling by bus is the most popular mode of transportation used by locals and travelers. A bus route travels throughout the city center as well as suburban areas. Though there are these routes, there are no select bus stops. When you have reached your destination, you simply need to inform the driver to stop. When being picked up, you need to flag the bus, much like you would a taxi.

By Taxi

Though the most expensive mode of traveling within Benin City, commuting from location to location by taxi is very quick. Taxi services are ready and waiting at all major terminals (both bus and plane) and are ready to assist you upon your arrival. Taxis are everywhere and are more than willing to help out a traveler in need of a quick commute. Official taxis are painted a deep red color on the body and bright yellow on the roof.

By Motor Bike

If you happen to be licensed, traveling by motor bike is another form of transportation that you can chose to use. If you decided to do this, there are a number of locations you can rent from but you need to keep in mind that the use of motor bikes is banned during the hours of 7pm and 6am, so you will need to take a bus or taxi at night.

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