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The first things to come to mind are new iemorvpd inventions to helppeople with mobility problems. Perhaps to invent a powered chairthat isn't as large to enable them to get around in smaller spaces.Something on the order of an electric scooter that can maneuveraround furniture easily. You wouldn't need a large motor for something that would move more slowly indoors rather than outside. But youcould take it outside as well, if there were good traction tires. Improved shower and tub handles or bars is another needed thing.Those I've seen are ugly, tho they are necessities for some. I'm nowin the position of needing help to get in and out of showers withsomething to hold onto that is longer than those available now. Maybeyou could study what there is on the market, and find ways to im-prove them for more practibility and attractiveness.

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