Family Travel Ideas in Benin city

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Following is a Benin City family travel guide that will help you and your family to experience the rich culture and heritage of one of Nigeria’s oldest cities. 

National Museum

The Benin City National Museum is a must-visit attraction for tourists in Edo State. Located on King’s Square, Ring Road, the museum includes relics, artifacts and artworks from the Bini people’s rich cultural history. You will be able to take a visual tour of the varied collections while reliving and enjoying the artistic culture. Benin City’s National Museum is a repository of the prehistoric, present and contemporary artistic ingenuity of the people in Edo state and also those from other important cultures in Nigeria.

Lampese Crocodile Lake

Families that are looking for something interesting should visit the Lampese Crocodile Lake. Located just north east of Benin City, in Akoko Edo Local Government, tourists will be able to watch these fascinating creatures as they come in at sunset. The place is surrounded by savannah vegetation along with a sandy cove, making the entire scenery extremely beautiful. Tourists can also enjoy safaris, fishing and other activities in the area. There are also a number of bars and restaurants around the place where tourists can relax and refresh themselves. You can find traditional cuisine, local fruits, palm wine, beer and other imported drinks at these bars and restaurants.

Oba’s Royal Palace

Built in around A.D. 1255, Oba’s Royal Palace is among the most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its unique architecture and artworks. The palace is regarded as one of the world’s greatest museums as it contains a large collection of scriptural pieces of previous Obas in bronze, ancestral and ivory shrines and royal court arts. The ancient royal Oba’s Palace is situated close to King Square in Benin City. Due to its strategic location, this magnificent building attracts visitors throughout the year.

Okomu National Park

Located about 65 km to the west of Benin City, this is worth a visit even if involves a little additional traveling. The Okomu National Park is actually the first area of the rain forest in Nigeria that has been protected by conservation laws. The sanctuary is about 300 square km and has a unique collection of animal species. It is home to around 3000 monkeys, including the endangered white-throated monkeys. The national park also includes a variety of wildlife and bird life. Tourists can enjoy animal watching, botanical studies, boat excursions and fishing.
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