Eating Out in Benin city

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Following is a list of Benin City restaurants which will help you to locate all the local delicacies.

Songhai Center

The Songhai Center, in Porto Novo, is one of the most popular restaurants in Benin City. It is known for its fresh food. An average meal will cost you around 2000 to 4000 CFA, while beer will cost you around 1300 CFA. Most of the well-known restaurants are located in Porto Novo as most of the major tourist spots are nearby.

Le Teranga

This is another popular restaurant located in Benin City. Dinner at the Le Teranga is highly recommended if you want to savor the local Benin cuisine. It also has modern amenities such as an Internet café at the back of the restaurant. Le Ternaga is perfect for budget travelers as the food is reasonably priced. Do try the local chicktouk, which is one of the popular dishes at Le Teranga.

Italian Restaurant

This restaurant is situated near the main entrance of the Souvenir Market. It is located in the city of Cotonou and is known for its enticing local Italian and African delicacies. La Gerbe d’Or is another famous café which is known for its bread and pastries. You can also purchase yoghurt and milkshakes in the restaurant.


This popular restaurant is situated in Cocotiers. Indiana is famous among the Indian tourists as it is basically an Indian restaurant. It is also known for its excellent quality of food. The interiors, even though not plush, are cozy enough. Remember that the restaurant is closed on Mondays and open only for lunch and dinner.

Bight of Benin: Jos

This restaurant is strategically located in the Jos Museum complex. You can enjoy your lunch or a pleasant drink at this restaurant which resembles a chief’s house. It is situated outside the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture. Do not forget that the restaurant is only open till 4 p.m. while the bar is open till 6 p.m. Try the local Nigerian dishes. A regular dinner will cost you less than US $10.


Galaxy is a famous Benin restaurant which is known for its excellent service and high quality food. Galaxy is situated in the city of Porto Novo. It is also known for its hygiene and plush setting. Panaramique Grill is another famous restaurant that is located in Porto Novo.

Road Side Cafes

Besides the plush restaurants, Benin is also known for the vast number of road side cafes. You will pass by several road side cafes while on your road trip from Cotonou to the north of Benin city. These road side cafes serve pounded yams, local cheese and goat curry.

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