Budget Travel Ideas in Benin city

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Following is a Benin City budget travel guide that will help travelers save their money while enjoying the best of the city.


Traveling around Benin City isn’t really difficult or expensive, so budget travelers don’t have much to worry about. The roads are the best way to get in and around the city. They are not in very good condition, but they are well networked. Use the bus service to get around the town as it is cheap and reliable. However, you should remember that there are no specific stops so you need to ask bus drivers to stop when you reach your destination. Tourists should be aware that most of the city’s roads go to Ring Road, so you may also have to get here first and then take another bus to your destination. Avoid getting into buses that don’t have passengers, especially when traveling at night.


There are a number of budget friendly hotels that can be found in the city. These hotels offer basic amenities that will keep tourists comfortable during their stay in the city. One of the most popular budget friendly hotels in Benin City is the Randekhi Royal Hotel. Rates for rooms start at around $40 and can go up to about $100 depending on the kind of room you choose. The hotel offers tourists comfortable accommodations and facilities like cleaning service, conference rooms, bar, restaurant and more. Besides this, there are a few other hotels like the Meridian Lodge and the Royal Marble Hotel that offer customers good accommodation at reasonable rates.


Benin City has quite a few sites that budget tourists can visit to make their vacations more pleasurable. The Ogba Zoological Garden is one of the best places to visit. It is just 6 km from Benin City and covers about 20 hectares. These gardens have a good variety of local and foreign wildlife and trees. Another place budget tourists can visit is the Benin moat, also known as the Iya. This is one of the world’s largest man-made earthworks. Other popular places to visit in Benin City are the Holy Aruosa Cathedral which is the oldest church in Nigeria and the Oghodoghodo and Edegbake caves.

Most of the restaurants in Benin City serve traditional Nigerian food. Tourists should try “eba” or pounded yam that is eaten with melon or vegetables. The traditional cuisine also includes beans and rice, cocoyam and yam porridge and soups that are made with fish or meat. Most places also serve the native palm wine and Ogogoro which tourists must try. Besides these, restaurants also serve different kinds of imported and local wines, beers, gins and soft drinks.

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