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Although you often hear stories about Nigeria, they are never associated with the fact that the West African nation is flourishing, but on the other hand travelers always have good stories to say about  Benin City hotels. Fueled by oil revenue and natural resources, Nigeria is rapidly becoming a stopover for not only business travelers, but for others looking for a hint of adventure.

Luxury Hotels

Well, as business travelers already know, Nigeria’s Benin City boasts some of the finest hotels to be found in West Africa. For example, Benin City sports the Benin Marina, whose rates start at just about $300 USD a day. The Benin Marina Hotel, its formal name, sports doubles singles, twin rooms, bungalows and junior suites. Rather, every business class traveler will find rooms equipped with satellite television, phone service, private bathrooms, air conditioning and the list of rooms or suites outlined above.  

Just below the Benin Marina Hotel is the Novotel Cotonou Orisha Hotel and it is available for business or leisure travelers. You will find that you have to commit to a three-day stay in this hotel. It does offer non-smoking rooms, air conditioning, satellite television, color cable TV and food is available 24-hours-a-day.

Family Hotel

The Au Jardin is another hotel that you’ll like. Actually called the Au Jardin Helvetia, this hotel is designed with the tourist in mind.  It features a hotel / motel feeling. Au Jardin is really a family hotel and offers such amenities as a child playground, pools for kids and adults and a large sand pit where they can play to their hearts' content. Childcare is available for very young kids and there is a host of activities available for the entire family including such standards as Ping-Pong, volleyball and horseback riding. You can also learn how to become a drummer, which is a great idea if you want to be a rock star.

Budget Hotels

There are not many budget hotels in the city.  Among the few located there is Dona Hotel which is located in the capital city of Porto Novo. This hotel, again, is geared to the tourist and offers 21 rooms geared toured the visitor to Porto Novo. Activities available include “The Galaxy” restaurant and activities that range from chess to table tennis and a wide range of activities for children that are very similar to the Jardin including swings and a sandpit where kids can play to their hearts’ content.  A small unit, there are only 21 air-conditioned rooms available for customers. It is a nice venue for a vacation.

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