7 Day Itinerary in Benin city

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Here is a Benin City itinerary for a week long vacation to this beautiful Nigerian city.

Somorika Hills

Start your Benin City vacation with a trip to the Samorika Hills. As it is located about 165 km from the city, you will need to leave a bit early. You can travel to Somorika Hills by taxi or car rental. These hills are a part of the rolling landscape of the Kukuruku range. Tourists will find gigantic boulders perched on their peaks that create a panoramic vista.

Ughoton Village

For your second day in Benin City, visit the historically important village of Ughoton, which is located about 42 km from the main city. According to history, the town was apparently founded as 'Iguekaladerhan', meaning “the land of Ekaladerhan”. In the 15th century, Ughoton started functioning as a port city for Benin City. This small village is perfect for visitors, historians and researchers. Tourists can also visit the shrine of the Olokum priest from the imperial Benin kingdom.

Amahor Waterside

If you are looking to relax and feel the hospitality of the wonderful Nigerian people, visiting the Amahor Waterside is a great idea. Located to the west of Benin City, this is a popular tourist hot spot due to its friendly and relaxing atmosphere. With a long stretch of sand and unobstructed water view, tourists can enjoy beautiful sunsets here. You can also try different water sports, in addition to exploring the parks and the river.

Okomu National Park

Visit the Okomu National Park on the fourth day of your week long vacation in Benin City. This is a forest block that is set in the Okomu Forest Reserve. It is characterized by typical Guinea-Congo rainforest vegetation. This sanctuary is home to a large variety of animal species. These include the endangered white-throated monkeys, about 150 bird species and other kinds of wildlife. You can get to the Okomu National Park by roadways and can enjoy other activities like boat expeditions, animal and bird watching and sport fishing.

Lampese Crocodile Lake

On your fifth day in the Benin City, visit the Lampese Crocodile Lake, where you will see a number of crocodiles in their natural habitat. As it is a tourist destination, the place is very safe. You can spend an entire day fishing or going on a safari. There are also many bars and restaurants around the place where you can enjoy fresh fish dishes, traditional Edo State cuisine and different types of drinks.

Ososo Tourist Center

On your sixth day, visit the tourist center of Ososo located on top of the rocky area in Edo state. This is a lively place that offers rock climbers and nature lovers magnificent scenery. The Ososo Tourist Center is more of a rest house that was built sometime in the 1930s. From the center, tourists can see part of the Kogi State and even up to the Niger.

Benin City National Museum

Tourists looking to gain additional knowledge about the rich cultural heritage of the Bini people should visit the National Museum. Here you will find various relics, artworks and local artifacts. The museum offers artistic creativity from the past and present that has had a huge impact on the culture, history and lifestyle of the people in Nigeria.
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