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Jude and Omosede traditional marriage

Jude and Omosede traditional marriage

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Benin City travel guide offers insight into this fascinating tourist destination. Benin City was founded in the 10th century and it was the capital of the surrounding empire. The ancient city of Benin has served a vital role in West Africa's history. The city is surrounded by moats which were used to protect the city during times of war.


There is an airport located in the city but airline options are limited. An alternative is to reach the city by road however the roads are not in good condition. Taxis are available as transport within the city while motorbikes offer another option.


The National Museum is an attraction located in the city center near the King's Square. The museum contains artifacts and information which explains the history of Nigeria. Artifacts include bronze statues and iron items. There are also replicas of artifacts that were stolen when the British invaded the region. Oba Palace is a historical landmark that offers insight into the history of Benin City. It contains artifacts from the past such as bronze ornaments. Okombu National Park is nestled between 2 rivers and the area has an abundance of wildlife. Visitors can hire a guide and walk through the beautiful region. Another attraction is the zoological garden which is located 6 km from the city. It was founded in 1965. The garden contains many different animal and plant species.


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Benin city has an exuberant culture and this is reflected by the traditional dances performed in the region. The dancers are adorned in colorful costumes adding to the splendor of the dance. Other cultural activities include visiting one of the local markets. Benin also hosts festivals during the year which reflect the culture of the region. Benin is a hub for artwork and it is home many bronze casters who create remarkable work.


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