Getting There in Zinder

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Zinder is a local transport hub, although the spokes are quite far away in this case and transport is not always readily available. Main roads take you to Niamey and Kano (Nigeria, as well as east to Chad via Nguigmi. The road north to Agadez is not very good, but there still is quite some traffic going that way.

SNTN buses connect Zinder to Niamey. The trip takes about 14 hopurs ans should cost 14000 CFA. Buses to Agadez do not follow timteables. The trip takes 8 hours. Bush taxi's are somewhat faster and cheaper. Bets to try in the morning.

Bush tax's also take you to the Nigerian border, and some alll the way to Kano. To go to Chad take a bush taxi to N'guigmi.

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