Waterberg plateau park Travel Guide

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Waterberg Plateu

Waterberg Plateu

Abdul R.

Namibia’s natural wilderness strikes you once again with Waterberg Plateau Park – a rich ecological reserve of endangered wildlife species and exotic botanical genuses. The Waterberg Plateau Park Travel Guide offers visitors a fascinating preview of the characteristics, things to do and accommodation options of this popular natural haven.


Waterberg Plateau Park is located at approximately 91 kilometers from eastern belt of Otjiwarongo and is en route to Etosha from Winhoek. The first thing you notice about Waterberg Plateau Park is its innate, rudimentary and agrestic charm. It is not retouched  to sport a blatantly invoking look but that is precisely its most alluring trait. A natural, unadulterated aura greets tourists at the sprawling mass of dense forests and marsh lands that house creatures like the roan antelope, rhinoceroses, wild buffalo, sable and a bevy of other wild beings. The region was originally demarcated as a sanctuary for nestling endangered spices and played host to the homecoming of the famed black rhinoceros that was brought here from Damaraland in 1989. Waterberg has been at the epicenter of the Heroro tribe’s battle against Germany, where the German forces drove them to Botswana.

What To Do

Get ready for some fantastic game viewing, adventurous hiking trails and guided park tours. The main restcamp and park entrance is at the Bernabe de la Bat Restcamp and this is the point from which a majority of the trails initiate. Book a vehicle game viewing ride at the camp office and pick the early morning hour to catch the most advantageous glimpses of Namibia’s wildlife. The hiking trail extends across four days and is operational between April and November with a cost of approximately $200 per head. Meander along the main entrance point to discover unknown paths and watch the glistening water springs gush through mountains- a phenomenon that has given the region its name.    


Waterberg Plateau Park hasn’t exactly got the choicest luxury abodes but then a holiday destination of this genre doesn’t require it either. The safest and best place to stay here is at the Bernabé de la Bat Rest Camp where you can book a clean and well-maintained bungalow, with a natural spring supplied pool, overlooking stunning cliffs and plateaus. Make sure you book well in advance at Windhoek as the place is always overbooked in the peak tourist season due to lack of options. 

Waterberg Plateau Park  is a fitting toast to the true wild spirit of Namibia and celebrates its ecological diversity with panache.

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