Walvis Bay Travel Guide

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Walvis Bay Flamingos

Walvis Bay Flamingos

Walvis Bay is the lone commercial port of Namibia, strategically located on its western coast. The Walvis Bay Travel Guide offers travelers a peek into the characteristics, things to do and food and accommodation options of this industrious and naturally endowed region.


Walvis Bay was discovered in 1487 and the Cape Dutch formally inducted the region in 1793, only to have it annexed by the British a couple of years later. 1910 witnessed the region being amalgamated into the South African Union and forming the Cape Colony. It was in 1994 that the singular sea harbor of Namibia was handed over to it by South Africa. Today the region is a throbbing port and fishing center that is bustling with industrial activity and nature enthusiasts. Walvis Bay is a fantastic location for spotting some of the most exotic and fascinating species of migratory birds that whizz past its expansive wetlands. There are museums, quaint old churches, sapphire freshwater lagoons and sand dunes along with a host of eateries and charming old town streets that line up the landscape of this seemingly fast and furious harbor town.

Walvis Bay suffers from a clear identity crisis. On one hand it appears to be an energetic destination that is frothing with activity and on the other, sheds is vivacity with remarkable ease to adorn a more tranquil disposition.

Things to Do

There are plenty of activities in Walvis Bay to keep eager travelers busy. Start with the region’s celebrated Wetlands and take your binoculars along for some action-packed bird watching. There are more than 200,000 winged wonders that loom over Walvis Bay’s skies including flamingoes and pelicans. Watch the birds going about their daily rituals in the most innate and natural surroundings while soaking in the wilderness of the region.  Another favorite tourist activity is fishing. Mark the most advantageous fishing spots with a little surveying and hire angling equipment. Permits are needed from the Ministry of Fisheries before you embark on your pursuit. Go on a charming dolphin cruise to befriend the ingenious and amiable mammals. There are other sports like kite surfing and dune boarding to keep the adventure buffs enthralled. Visit town attractions like the Birdlife Information Centre, The Rhenish Church and the most eminent dune of the region, “Dune 7”, that gives a panoramic view of Walvis Bay. Sandwich harbor is another great idea for its pristine freshwater lagoon and underwater life.

Eat and Stay

The best places to eat at Walvis Bay are The Raft, set beautifully amidst a lagoon pier and Crazy Mama’s that serves scrumptious pizzas. The Pelican Bay Hotel and Langholm hotel are good options that offer clean, tastefully done up rooms and good service along with a host of other amenities. 

Walvis Bay is great place for outdoor enthusiasts and a brilliant medley of naturally breath-taking landscapes.

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