Internet Cafes in Swakopmund

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A lot of Internet cafes have been opened recently around the city center. However, the connection speed tends to slow down abruptly, maybe because of bandwidth sharing or other provider related quirks. The most computers are quite outdated and have low memory (Win XP on 100 Mb RAM is a quite unique experience). But there are cafes with modern computers as well. Cost is around 20 N$/hour.

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Swakopmund I-Cafe & Coffee Shop

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Internet Cafe and Coffee Shop in Atlanta Cinema Building, opposite the brauhaus in the Nedbank Arcade, Swakopmund.

Open from 08h00 to 20h00

type:Internet Cafe
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tel:+264 64 464021
address:POBox 2953, Swakopmund, Namibia
price:N$15-00 per 30 minutes
hours:08H00 - 20H00
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