Skeleton coast park Travel Guide

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Skeleton Coast Park

Skeleton Coast Park

Despite the dark and gothic name, Skeleton Coast Park is a nice desert shore situated at the northern rim of Naim Nauluft, which is famed for being the oldest desert in the world. The Park sprawls across over a hundred kilometers from the Kunene River in the north towards the Ugab River on the southern tip and about half the distance from the eastern belt to the west. The place gets its sinister name for being a region that caused many deaths of shipwrecked men who sought asylum on its shores only to be devoured by a parched topography. Skeleton Coast Park plays host to several adventure purists who refuse to accept surreal, sugar-coated and watered down versions of naturally jagged destinations. The place is still very dry and there aren’t any fancy finishing touches to appease tourists. The beauty of this robustly landscaped retreat lies in its raw appeal that refuses to be tamed. If you seek high action in real settings, this is the place to be.

Preparing For Your Visit

There is a mandatory permit required to get access and drive through the desert. Make sure to carry plenty of water and food as you won’t find any on the entire trip through the desert stretch.  Also ensure that your vehicle goes through a thorough check before embarking on your journey as there isn’t any road service available for miles. The roads aren’t exactly in the best of condition and it will take you time to figure out the gravel paths, however once you befriend them, the journey becomes exciting and invigorating. Tourists can also take a fly-in safari to see some of the remotest parts of Namibia. The safari offers an excellent opportunity for natural light photography and comes with a package deal of excursions and big game drives. 

Where Not To Go

The northern half of Skeleton Coastal Park (a few parts of Terrace Bay) is inaccessible to tourists and is garlanded with the maximum number of ravaged ships. This is an expanse of absolute wilderness and you won’t find any vegetation in sight. There are a few rare wild animals that inhabit this belt and hence it is strictly off-limits for the public.

Lodging And Activities

Fishing is a popular activity in Torra Bay in December and for accommodation- the campsite at Torra Bay and bungalows at Terrace Bay are preferred options. Damaraland, Henties Bay and Swakopmund also have abundant lodging choices.

Skeleton Coast Park is a unique and ruggedly beautiful location which any wilderness fan can enjoy.

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