Luderitz Travel Guide

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Luderitz is a charming locale that has let its less attractive Namibian peers hog the tourist limelight while patiently waiting for its rightful place under the sun. The Luderitz Travel Guide offers visitors complete and exhaustive information on the characteristics, attractions and accommodation options in the alluringly archaic region.


Luderitz was the most ignored blob of the Namibian expanse despite its heavy European colonial imprints and cultural borrowings. However recently the reticent region has come of its shell and is now brazenly displaying its architectural and natural wonders to the world.  Luderitz is sprinkled with an eclectic landscape comprised of virgin, isolated beaches, brilliantly enunciated architecture, jagged mountains and flowing sand deserts. Bird watching and wildlife spotting tours are also popular pursuits in this quaint region that is fast becoming aware of its hypnotic charm. There are museums, colonial edifices, local artifacts markets, lush waterfronts along with beautiful spots for encountering the indigenous wildlife of Namibia. Luderitz doesn’t disappoint if you’re willing to give it a shot.

What To Do  

For a firsthand account of Luderitz’s famed colonial structures, head to Goerke-Haus, a 1909 Victorian style structure that was erected in 1909 and was the abode of a former magistrate. The Lutheran Church is another landmark architectural marvel that was constructed in 1912. Art connoisseurs must visit the local Art and Crafts Centre, celebrated for its exquisitely created karakul carpets and wall-hangings. Luderitz Museum is a storehouse of ancient memorabilia that paints an interesting colonial sketch of the region. The local waterfront is a smart shopping destination where can get you some great bargains by striking an animated conversation with the locals. Eateries dispersed around the region also offer full-bodied and delicious local food at the most reasonable prices. Indulge in some enticing wildlife spotting activity on the outer belts of Luderitz or camp on the grounds of Shark Island. The pristine white sandy beaches provide a perfect recourse for exhausted nerves. Lounge around Grosse and Agate beach aimlessly while enjoying the water sports activities at regular intervals. There is a thrilling board-sailing competition that takes place here annually in Easter.


The four star Luderitz Nest Hotel offers a great scenic backdrop that is within easy reach to most attractions and acitvities in the region. A room here can cost approximately $100 per person/per night arrangement. Another good pick are Hotel Bayview, situated in the town center  and offering good modern amenities. There are several lodges, guesthouses and camps interspersed around the region that provide good value for money.  

Luderitz is not an ‘in your face’ attractive destination, however it has a naturally pleasant appeal and remains of a rich European colonial culture.

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