Fish river canyon national park Travel Guide

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Lookout close to Hobas

Lookout close to Hobas

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Situated on the lower quarter of the Fish River, Fish River Canyon is the most prominent jewel in Namibia’s crown for its striking natural beauty and classic raw appeal. This charming canyon region is the most frequented getaway in Namibia and for good reason. It is the second largest canyon on earth and the largest in the continent. It houses an enormous ravine that stretches to about a hundred odd miles and is a breath-taking sight to view.


The topography of the region was shaped in the era of the rainy climatic configuration. The Canyon was touted to be created as a result of a breakdown in the lower portion of the valley due to fissures in the earth’s crust. The actual Canyon commences from the Seeheim going all the way to the Ai-Ais stretch for over 150 kilometers.


The canyon itself is housed within the confines of a Nature Conservation Park, the entrance of which is from Hobas Camp. A ten minute drive from the camp will take you directly to the canyon from where you can catch some of the most awe-inspiring snapshots of nature including the dramatic and almost unreal ‘Hell’s Bend’. For explorers and hikers, there are plenty of unknown paths and remote bends waiting to be discovered. Fish River Canyon offers some of the best hiking options in Namibia with its coarse landscape and rough trails. The best time to go hiking is from May- September when the winter is at its peak and the climate is pleasant. The hike can take about a week to complete and spreads across a few hundred kilometers. It is mandatory to obtain a permit from the authorities at Namibia Wildlife Resort. No camping passes are allotted in summers due extreme heat and previous casualties of sunstroke and cardiac arrests.


For accommodation there are a lot of options at private parks and campsites that offer a good stay and food at a decent price. The Gondwana Canyon Park is a nice place to stay and patrons can also go on a picturesque hike within the private area of the park. Another good private hiking choice is the Canyon Nature Park. For novice and amateur hikers, there are several guided hiking choices that will help you decode the mystery of this fiery land.

The Fish River Canyon National Park is a beautiful retreat perfect for any nature lover.

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