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Accommodation in Xai-xai

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Sera Lodge Mozambique is a holiday resort with breathtaking scenery and a magnitude of exciting activities to make your vacation one you will never forget. Accessible preferably by 4x4 vehicles, Sera Lodge is situated on the beach side, close to Chidenguele Village, 280km north of Maputo (Approx. 800km from Johannesburg). It is a must if you enjoy fishing: Deep Sea, Rock-, Surf- or Fly-fishing, Snorkeling and Jet Skiing, to name just a few. Please go to www.seralodge.com to read more

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Xai Xai Eco Estate

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Xai Xai Eco Estate in Xai-Xai, Mozambique all rooms equipped with Air-conditioning, TV with satellite channels, DVD player and Fully equipped kitchen. Some of its facilities and services are Splash pool, Gas hob and oven, Braai/ barbecue and Alarm/security. Besides the world of adventure in Xai Xai Eco Estate, our villas are also within short distance to some of Gaza’s major locales, such as: Chongoene Beach, Bilene Beach and The Banhine National Park.

type:Middle Class
World66 rating:[rate it]
tel:+00 25882367 9990
address:Xai-Xai, Gaza, Mozambique