When to Go in Mozambique

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Mozambique When to Go discussions are a common occurrence among people planning their African safari to Mozambique. The primary reason for this is the widespread confusion regarding the weather patterns of Mozambique. Unlike other African nations found on the mainland, Mozambique is an island and doesn’t share its landscape or weather patterns with other African country. Further, it has a vast coastline and the seasonal patterns are very hard-to-predict.

Mozambique has often been at the suffering end of weather extremes, ranging from severe droughts to floods. Seasonal hazards like the El Niño tend to bring forth their own set of weather variations. The geographical uniqueness of Mozambique can be gauged by the fact that despite more nine tributaries making-up its main river (Zambezi) and months of incessant rainfall every year, more than 80% of the landscape is essentially arid or desert-like.

Mozambique When to Go Tips

The average weather conditions in Mozambique can be best described as ‘typically tropical’ with medium-range, warm temperatures. For most part of the year, temperatures are around the 28°C mark. The period from June to October is regarded as the best time to visit Mozambique. This is predominantly the dry season with clear skies and there is no threat of rain washing-away your travel plans.

Some locals prefer to call this period the winter season but most tourists are reluctant to abide by this notion, considering that daytime temperatures often reach 30°C. However, the nights are much cooler. The rains begin to subside by May and by June the humidity also begins to dip, making it easier to travel around. It is generally recommended that those who cannot bear the heat should avoid traveling around the coastal areas during the day as the humidity can bother them. The higher-altitude provinces of Niassa and Nampula are generally the coolest. Travelers can find lots of camping options here.

Escaping the Rain in Mozambique

The rainiest months extend from December to March. Most international visitors tend to avoid this period for visiting Mozambique as the rains can often turn violent. Cyclonic disturbances too are common during this period. However, if you still choose to travel during this period, it is recommended that you stay away from the northern shores. These parts of Mozambique receive the highest amount of rainfall along with the wrath of the western disturbances.

Bird-Watching Season in Mozambique

If you are a wildlife enthusiast and the idea of exploring the exotic birds of Mozambique excites you, then the November-to-February period is recommended. Mozambique has more than 600 bird species to offer and some of them cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is only during February that the rare, migratory birds can be spotted.

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