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The Mozambique Budget Travel planning is going to be a breeze. This beautiful city in Africa is a famous tourist spot and caters to traveler with any kind of budget. The tips below will help you successfully complete your budget travel planning.

Getting There

Take a flight into Maputo or Beira, which have international airports. Make sure to book in advance to avail the discount fares that airlines offer. You can also reach Mozambique by rail or road. From Johannesburg it is an overnight journey and comparatively inexpensive. The bus journey turns out to be the most economical mode of reaching Mozambique.


The stay adds up to a chunk of your travel expense. But Mozambique offers a range of options for the budget conscious traveler. There are several budget class hotels, hostels, guest houses and home stay facilities in Mozambique. Barra Lake is one such lodging option. The rates are highly economical and will help you save a lot. Located on the Inhambane province, the hotel is equipped with all modern facilities. It is a safe place for tourists. Similarly all provinces in Mozambique has hotels that cater to tourists on a shoe string budget.

Eating Out

Food is the focal point of the culture in Mozambique. Treat yourself to the famous Peri-Peri glazed prawns and chicken, sought after by the locals and the tourists alike. Food here is inexpensive and is sure to please the toughest of the food critics. The beach side in Mozambique is famous for its ,barbecues. The seafood found here is fresh and always cooked to perfection.

Traveling around

You can travel around Mozambique by the public transport system. The railways, put down during the colonial period is a great way to access various provinces in Mozambique. Not only does it provide easy access but is also inexpensive. The local bus service also connects to major attractions in Mozambique and will be easy on your wallet. Taxis are available in Mozambique and are not very expensive, only thing is, you need to be an expert in the art of haggling. If they realize that you are a tourist they will try and hike up the fares.


If you are a budget traveler the best way to explore the natural beauty and other attractions in Mozambique will be to set out on a backpacking tour. There are several tour operators that have economical backpacking tours. You can also explore Mozambique on your own. The Benguerra Islands offers great sights and scenes to the tourists. From birdwatching to basking under the sun on the beach, this place has a lot to offer.

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