Senior Travel in Mozambique

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Here is a Mozambique senior travel guide that will help you to make the most of your trip.

Maputo Special Reserve 

This wild-life reserve was earlier known as the Maputo Elephant Reserve. It is situated in Mozambique and encompasses around 77,400 hectares. Do not forget to carry your binoculars and camera to capture images of the wildlife. The reserve houses around 250 African elephants as well as zebras, crocodiles and hippopotamuses.

Local Cuisine

A trip to Mozambique is incomplete without tasting the local delicacies. You can get a glimpse of the Portuguese cuisine style in Mozambique dishes. Do not forget to try the Piri-Piri, which is also known as bird’s eye chili. This chili is used in a variety of sauces. Some of the other delicacies include the Pãozinho or Portuguese rolls and Matapa, seafood generally consisting of clams or crabs. If you are fond of seafood then you should definitely try the cray fish and Camarão National.

Diving Expeditions

If you are fond of adventurous activities then you should definitely try diving in Mozambique. Short-term diving lessons will be given by experienced scuba divers. Time your visit during the dry season from April to September. Some of the popular diving sites include Pemba, Quirimbas Islands, Batfish Pinnacle, Hard Rock and Island Rock. Out of these diving sites Pemba, a port and capital of Cabo Delgado, is a renowned diving site as the coral reef lies near the shore. Weekly scheduled flights are available from Johannesburg to Mozambique. Diving expeditions are also held at the Quirimbas Islands which is also home of the Quirimbas National Park. You can get a glimpse of the coral marine life at the Batfish Pinnacle. However, beware of the scorpion fish and stonefish.


You can spend some quality time at the Vilanculos, also known as Vilankulo. It is a popular beach resort area and is described as the water sports capital of Mozambique. Vilanculos is also famous for snorkeling, diving and deep fishing activities. You can also get access to the Bazaruto Archipelago from here. Bazaruto Archipelago is a famous underwater national park. You can reach Vilanculos by a 15-seater van, which leaves daily from Inhambane. Do not forget to carry your sweater along with you, if you are planning to visit the place in the winter season.

Tofo Beach

This beach is located in the Inhambane province and is known for its stretch of beach, diving and snorkeling. The beach also boasts of good restaurants and an active nightlife. Do not worry about the sharks as they are harmless.
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