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Accommodation in Pemba

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Guludo Camp

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Situated in the newly designated Quirimbas National Park, Guludo Camp provides excellent accomodation, diving and community/conservation volunteering opportunities, all adhering to the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism. Situated on a stunning white sand beach, this is paradise.

type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
CostOfDoubleForANight:95 UKstg

Pemba Beach Resort

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Pemba Beach Resort offers guests a choice of well-equipped and furnished rooms overlooking the azure Indian Ocean. A la carte menus and buffets specialising in famous Mozambican cuisine, including seafood, are served in the Quirimbas Restaurant with its lovely alfresco terrace.

There is an excellent range of accommodation for guests to choose from each room offering magnificent views of the sparkling Indian Ocean.

Pemba Beach Resort Hotel offers the choice of 60 hotel rooms as well as 8 self-catering Villas:

20 double rooms
38 twin rooms
2 suites more..

type:Middle Class
World66 rating:[rate it]
accessibility:by plane from Johannesburg and Nairobi
address:Pemba, Mozambique