Mozambique island Travel Guide

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Governor's Palace

Governor's Palace

Mozambique is a spectacular island country bordered by South Africa in the southern region and Tanzania in the northern. The Mozambique Island Travel Guide offers visitors information on the general features, attractions and accommodation options of this diverse coastal beauty.


Mozambique is a small island nation located on the Indian Ocean belt of Southern Africa. It shares its borders with South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. The eastern coast of the island is a fantastic getaway for scuba diving, angling, sailing, surfing and simply lounging around leisurely without doing anything. Mozambique was under the Portuguese rule for almost five hundred years and finally attained its independence in 1975. The potential tourist hotspot has endured several calamities like an acute drought, torrential flooding, a crunched economy and conflict by rebel forces that has stymied its progress over the years. The best way to reach the island is by international flights from South Africa. Several daily South African Airways flights operate between Johannesburg and Maputo.

Attractions and Activities

For an avant-garde tourism experience, head straight to Bazaruto Archipelago-a pristine island resort and underwater marine park that features rich reefs and offers a spectacular diving opportunity. Other super diving spots are Ponta d’Ouro and Tofo Beach. Vilanculous is the gateway to Bazaruto and a crowded tourist hub. Witness the ingenious Cahora Bassa Dam, a hydro-electric energy function on the beautiful Zambezi River. The Quirimbas Archipelago & Quirimbas National Park is a nice isolated retreat that offers a snapshot of the lush wild greenery of the region and its crystal clear turquoise waters. IIha de Mozambique is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is reminiscent of the island’s erstwhile colonial legacy. Visit the off-beat and secluded Pemba Island in north Mozambique for its untouched charisma and gorgeous coasts. Lake Niassa features bewitching silver sand beaches and tranquil emerald waters.     


Mozambique has an eclectic mix of accommodations from cheap dorms, lodges and backpackers Inns in prime tourist areas to five star resorts in Maputo. There are also some lovely untapped beach resorts that, though highly priced, offer high-end luxury and top notch service.

Mozambique is a montage of natural coastal beauty and incredible water sports activities.

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