Morrungulo Travel Guide

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If there is one thing this Morrungulo travel guide can show you, it is this: appearances can be deceptive and nowhere is the adage more apt than in the case of this pint size dynamite destination. A small, albeit, stunning beach getaway helmed by pristine beach waters and charming sea-side camps, Morrungulo is the diamond in Mozambique’s crown.

About Morrungulo

Morrungulo is located 7 kilometers to the north of Massinga and is one of the best camping sites in Mozambique. From the bountiful array of palm trees that line its coast on one side to the lush green mangroves that envelope the other, Morrungulo is beautiful and serene. This one’s a classic waiting to be discovered. Travelers seeking slightly off-beat destinations that still have plenty to offer in terms of activities and relaxation will enjoy Morrungulo. It is laidback and gives you an unruffled holiday while retaining the wild and exotic appeal of Africa.  The beach resort is also dexterous enough to transform from a low paced retreat to a high action one, if you need it to.

History and Activities

There have been plenty of international efforts to restore the glory of Mozambique after it was ravaged by the civil war and natural calamities. The persistent efforts have ensured that the region is now on its road to recovery. This has brought back Morrungalo with a bang and it’s now a preferred camping jaunt of many adventure tourists. The activities here range from scuba diving at the well-equipped and established diving center (offering regular diving lessons and instructions) and swimming to snorkeling and game fishing. Water sports enthusiast swear by the raw appeal of the resort combined with an advanced sporting infrastructure. Water sports activities are operational throughout the year. The grand daddy of all sporting activities here is the big game fishing that attracts a lot of angling purists who come here for the thoroughbred aquamarine. The fancy-hued coral reefs are also worth looking at along with other under-water splendors. 


There are several family run camping accommodations that offer home-made, wholesome and delectable local cuisine and cheap accommodation. The hosts are extremely amiable and service is prompt and excellent.  As an alternative, if you seek a more customized holiday arrangement, there are self-catering beachside chalets that will give you a firsthand and exotic experience of preparing your meals under the night sky. Morrungulo houses a few restaurants and bars along with casitas.

Morrungulo is an indisputably beautiful area with activities that can appeal to all.


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