Shopping in Maputo

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There are a numerous places where you can experience Maputo shopping at its best. One of the popular things you might want to pick up here are souvenirs, and there are several places to do go souvenir shopping. This city is the capital and the largest city in the African country of Mozambique. It is also the financial hub of the country thus the city has heaps of places for tourists and locals to shop. Here are some of the shopping places in Maputo.

Mercado do Pau

This public market is located in the heart of Maputo. Most peddlers construct makeshift stalls along the streets and sell all kinds of items from souvenirs to fresh produce. This market is very famous for its hand-painted traditional masks. The place is frequented mostly by locals, so communication can be a bit difficult, but there are local shop owners who can understand basic English.

Mercado Municipal

Located in the Baixa area, this public market is enclosed in a massive building which was built more than a century ago. The market is very active from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Since the building is very big, there are several policemen and security personnel guarding the market place. This market is the best place to buy local produce and local crafts. This is a perfect place for you to practice your haggling skills with the local shop owners.


Located south of Maputo, this shopping cooperative is run by disabled local people. The store is the best place to buy local crafts which are made with higher quality compared to crafts normally sold along the streets of Maputo. The cost of crafts here is more expensive than the ones sold on the streets.

Casa Elefante

The best place to buy women’s traditional clothes and cheap local fabrics is at the Casa. The place has several tailoring shops where you can hire a tailor to sew a traditional garb for you, if you cannot find your own size in the pre-made dresses in the stores.

Polana Shopping Center

A big complex located at the heart of the city, the Polana Shopping Center is the best place to find local and international stores. Most shops in this shopping center honor major credit cards so shopping should not be a problem if you do not have cash with you. The store also has a food court, several cafés and a fairly big parking area.

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