Getting Around in Maputo

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Maputo transportations services offer you a cheap way to travel as you go around the city. Maputo is a wonderful place in Mozambique, Africa that is also visited by many tourists.

Cheap Chapas

Chapa is the main mode of transportation that serves the Maputo. It is a mini bus taxi and the most common type of public transportation you will see around the city. The fare in this vehicle is very cheap. For almost an hour ride, you will pay only a quarter of a US dollar. Since this is a cheap form of transportation, it is always a busy one. Oftentimes, there are many standing passengers for some trips. It can carry twenty passengers or more. Also, chapa is the believed to be the cause of traffic accidents in the city because of the drivers often drive beyond the speed limit. Tourists can take this from of transportation but should be aware that this may be an uncomfortable experience because of the crowdedness plus the high-speed driving. However, if you are an adventurous type of person and want to give this a try, there are two chapa terminals in the city of Maputo: at the Baixa and Museu.

Unique Laranjinhas

Laranjinha is a form of transportation in Maputo that is similar to tuktuks and tricycles. However, the larajinha is unique in its appearance. Larajinha is a Portuguese word which means “The Little Orange”. Yet, the larajinha in Maputo is blue. 

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