Festivals in Maputo

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This Dance for life performing at Umemo traditional event

This Dance for life performing at Umemo traditional event

Maputo festivals have the main goal of introducing Maputo to the world through festivities that highlight its cultures, traditions, arts, and wonderful tourist destinations. Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique, Africa. It is a low-profile place in Africa that is now slowly blooming.

To Promote National Unity and Solidarity

Avante Mozambique Festival is a two-week celebration in Maputo that takes place during the end of August through the beginning of September. This festival aims to promote national identity, solidarity, and collective peace and harmony. Furthermore, this festival has a goal of exhibiting cultural diversities of all the country's beautiful places as a way of introducing Maputo to the tourists and to all of the people in the world. During this festival, there is an international performing arts concert. Aside from that, the festival also features an award ceremonies for champions of various fields, a forum, an exhibition of Mozambique’s traditional arts and cultures, art performance, a film festival and workshops, seminars, sports events, and many other worthwhile and exciting activities.

To Showcase Maputo’s Rich Culture and Arts

Maputo International Music Festival is a two-week celebration held in Maputo in the last week of May or first week of June. A series of free and paid events are held each day. There are jam sessions, workshops, concerts, and many other musical activities. Some famous music performers from other countries are invited to play during the festival.

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