Eating Out in Maputo

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Maputo Restaurants have the best sea food dishes, as the residents of Maputo are seafood lovers. Here in Maputo, you can find a variety of restaurants serving different local and international dishes that stimulate your taste buds.

An Italian Restaurant

Mimmos is an Italian Family Restaurant in Maputo that has over 50 restaurant chains in South Africa and two in Mozambique. Mimmos serves Italian dishes and a variety of Italian appetizers like salads, pizza, pasta, steaks, and chicken. The price of their pizza special ranges from 3 to 5 Euros. Overall, a meal will cost only US$11 to US$20.

A True High-End Restaurant

Rodízio Real is a fancy restaurant that opened in the year 1998. From its opening until now, the number one customers they have are the Mozambican elite families and politicians who live in Maputo. The specialty of this restaurant is Rodizio, a Brazilian dish, which costs around 15 Euros. Aside from this food, Rodizio Real also serves Portuguese and Mozambican cuisines. In addition, Rodizio Real serves a variety of wine, mostly from Portugal, but some are from South Africa. This restaurant is the most expensive restaurant. Their menu price ranges from US$21 to US$30. There are about 40 restaurant personnel who deliver quick and excellent service.

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