Beaches in Maputo

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Maputo, Mozambique is a sea port bordering the Indian Ocean. Considered a jewel of Southern Africa, beaches near Maputo are considered some of the most beautiful and exotic beaches on the continent.

Maputo Beach

Maputo’s original beach was unfortunately wiped out by a 2007 cyclone, and the city is in the process of the restoring it. City officials are planning to reopen it next year.

Praia da Macaneta

Praia da Macaneta is a beach located near Maceneto, a town close to Maputo. People can reach it by car or boat. The recommended route is the ferry, as it only takes several minutes and the experience gives the traveler an amazing view of the Indian Ocean and Maputo. The beach is famous for the fishers that use the beach. Their seafood catches are featured in the local restaurants at very reasonable prices. Praia da Macaneta is a well maintained beach. The local government takes great pains to rake the beach over and keep it pollution free. In addition, this beach was ranked as one of the safest in Mozambique, and traveling families are encouraged to stop by. For the more adventurous visitor, there are races across the sand dunes by the Nkomati River.

Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island is an island located in the middle of Delagoa Bay. The island is just a 20 minute boat trip from Maputo. This island is a must see for everyone. In addition to beautiful white sand beaches, this island offers warm water and deep sea fishing for sport enthusiasts. The island is surround by coral reefs that have not yet been touched commercially by man. Drivers will be amazed by the aquatic life under the water. Another plus for drivers is the number of shipwrecks surrounding the area. A brave diver might find something exotic to bring home. Deep sea fisherman will find an area that is well equipped to service their needs. Inhaca has a number of crews able to take fisherman out to sea with the latest equipment. In fact, some of the world's record fishing catches were based in Inhaca. Hikers will be equally cared for as they take advantage of the many nature trails around the beach. 

Ponta Ouro

Ponta Ouro is another beach between the roads from Maputo to South Africa. This beach features white sand and warm water. The beach is famous for an inland coral reef surrounding the area and the aquatic life below. Ponta Ouro has a good mixture of beauty and excitement. People can find sand races and terrific cuisine by the beach. A traveler taking a walk on the beach between October and December might find a turtle laying her eggs in the sand.

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