History in Mozambique

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The Mozambique History is a saga of trials and tribulations of the natives. It went from being a free state to a colony of the Portuguese, from the overseas province to a democracy. To understand the Mozambique of today we need to peek into its past.


San Hunters were the initial inhabitants of Mozambique. Later the Bantu tribe migrated to this area. In 1498, while Mozambique housed a settlement of Arab trader, Vasco da Gama reached the Mozambique coast. At this time, the majority of the population in Mozambique were followers of Islam. During the Portuguese rule the coral island of Mozambique started expanding, from Portuguese forts to their colonies in the African east coast.

Colonial Period

During 1580 to 1640 the Portuguese settlements were not given any attention and hence hit a ruinous state. The focus shifted to trade relations with the Far East and Brazil. The 19th century saw the lands being cultivated by the natives for the European landlords. During this time slaves were supplied to the Ottomans. The Portuguese handed over their administrative powers to a private company, which was financed by the British. This colonial period saw the advent of railroads and postage stamps. But policies were made to benefit the white settlers and the natives were left behind. The natives witnessed poverty and starvation during this period.


Post Second World War, Mozambique was declared as an overseas province of Portugal. But the struggle for independence started gaining ground in Mozambique and lead to the Portuguese-Colonial war. In 1975, Mozambique gained its independence and most of the Portuguese settlement withdrew from Mozambique.

Civil War

Post independence Mozambique was hit by the Civil war. The anti communist group sponsored by the apartheid in South Africa and The United States government, started creating public nuisance and damage. The Nkomati was negotiated with the government of South Africa, which would withdraw the support given to the anti communist group in exchange for dethroning the National Congress in Mozambique. But the agreement did not last long. The 1990's saw the power of the anti communist organization fading away, apartheid crumbled.


In 1994, free elections were held in Mozambique. The FREMILO defeated the RENAMO and came into power. Mozambique became a member of the Commonwealth in the year 1995. Natives who has taken refuge in neighboring countries started returning to their motherland.

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