Getting Around in Mozambique

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view of maputo beach

view of maputo beach

Yawat Djamen William

Mozambique transportation options are limited and the public transport network is not well developed. Following are the different modes of transportation that can be found in the country.


Train services within Mozambique are quite limited. Trains link Mozambique’s neighboring countries to the Indian Ocean. There is 1 service that operates three times a week from Johannesburg via Nelspruit, Pretoria and Komatipoort to Maputo . You can also find another line that links Liwonde in Malawi with Nacala via Cuamba and Napula.


Taxis can be found in most cities of the country, but they do not run on meters. You will have to negotiate your fare before starting your journey. Most taxis are in bad condition and can often break down on the way. So ensure you pay your fare only after reaching your destination.

Buses and Chapas

Buses leave quite early in the city, usually at 4 a.m. This is not unusual or too early, especially if you go toward the north. Buses are mostly found operating between major towns where the condition of roads is good. Chapas are more popular in rural places for shorter routes. These vehicles are usually in very poor condition. The price of chapa travel differs form place to place and isn’t negotiable. Some chapa conductors may also try to extort you, so it is best to ask your hotel or a local for the right fare.

Care Hire

Car hire is mostly found in major towns and should be booked well in advance. This is a fairly reasonable way of transportation and driving is on the left side of the road. The condition of roads in Mozambique is not good so watch out for potholes, roadblocks, livestock and vehicles without lights on the roads.

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