Festivals in Mozambique

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Mozambique Festivals offer culture and entertainment for music lovers and art enthusiasts. The festivals in Mozambique are a cultural experience full of color and African music. Celebrated throughout the year, some of the major festivals are attended by tourists across the globe. Discover the times of year when these well known festivals are presented for planning travel to Mozambique.

Avante Mozambique

The talent and signature world music is performed during this annual festival geared for tourism. Held August through September, the week-long event celebrates peace in the nation. Concerts, performing arts, seminars and films are among the entertainment. Exhibitions are displayed in visual arts.

Workshops are given for the “CineMozambique” film festival. Watch the locals compete in sporting events during this popular festival and gain learning from the area’s rich culture.

Mozambique Jazz Festival

Held in April, this 2-day festival features bands from the local area and other countries. Enjoy an all-day treat to the local music of jazz and drums. Dine on local fare to have a unique experience of African culture, food, and fun.

Independence Day

Every year in June, Mozambique celebrates its independence with traditional dancing, music and performances. Celebrations start in the morning with the performances and the president addressing the attendees. The national stadium holds the concert in the evening with music from famous Mozambique bands.

Cultural events are held throughout the week before the holiday. Performances include dancing, poetry and music. Exhibitions of visual arts are on view.

New Year

The New Year is celebrated as a holiday in Mozambique. Celebrations include dancing and gatherings in the town’s center. All-night events highlight this Mozambique festival. Markets stay open for business during the festivities. Dancers wear bamboo masks and grass skirts to dance for the crops and the New Year.

Christmas in Mozambique

Spend Christmas in Mozambique celebrating this important religious festival for Christians. While the holiday is a public one in Mozambique, many businesses are closed on this day. The weather is warm during the month in December. Spending time taking a dip in the pool or strolling through the region offers a serene learning experience for the areas sights of interest.

Visit the beaches on Christmas day in Mozambique, relaxing in the sunshine. Many of the townspeople take a dip in the nearby water on this day and spend time with family. Resorts offer water sports and other things to do during the Christmas season.

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