Family Travel Ideas in Mozambique

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It is a republic in southeast Africa that offers the perfect Mozambique family travel. It’s the gateway vacation for families. With its untouched beaches as well as pure coral reefs, this holiday destination is truly a heaven on earth that is sure to give you the relaxation that is desired. This country is bursting with a rich culture and heritage that is sure to spark one's interest and intrigue others with its great architect and marvelous sites.

Where to Visit

The best place to start off the family travel idea is the Ilha de Mocambique which has been named a world heritage treasure. This architectural treasure is located in the Nampula province which is on the northern part of Mozambique, where you will also find numerous prehistoric buildings that are still intact. This place is also a good place to buy a souvenir to take back to friends who have never visited the country. Another family travel idea is to visit the Museu Nacional de Arte as well as Maputo, all this enhances the family day travel to this beautiful country but it’s highly advisable to be careful as crime is rampant in the city of Maputo.

Mozambique family travel is one of the best ways for bird viewing, especially in a place like the Bazaruto Archipelago and also where you want to view whales. 

Traveling There

Families can fly into Pemba from various corners of the world. From the airport you can travel to Mozambique Island as you leave Pemba while passing through Nampula. The distance covered by this road is about 400 km. For those who don’t like using taxis there is a car rental located just a few miles from the airport. But for those who have a tight budget for the holiday there is always the local buses called chapas which will take you anywhere.

Things to Do

Ensure that you and your family get the chance to sample some for the local cuisine and for the kids most of the local bakeries have sweet tasting snacks that will keep them asking for more.

Mozambique has breath taking beaches that are filled with white sand offering the perfect relaxation spot for the entire family. Water sports such as scuba diving and water skiing are just a few of the fun activities the whole family can do together. This is one Mozambique family travel idea that you will never forget.  

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