Day Trips in Mozambique

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Mozambique Day Trips are well suited for travelers who want to explore the diverse wildlife and unique natural landmarks of Mozambique. Like many other African nations, Mozambique has many vast expanses of forest area maintained as wildlife reserves. These are best explored during the daytime, when the chances of spotting animals in their natural habitat increase exponentially. Mozambique also has some exotic, smaller islands that are worth visiting. Below are some day trips worth planning for your visit to Mozambique.

Niassa Game Reserve

Located in the northern half of the island, Niassa is among the most famous wildlife reserves in Africa. Spread over 42,000 square kilometers, it is also among the largest conservation areas in Mozambique (and the world!). Niassa's appeal lies in its natural, forest-like environment that has been maintained by limiting commercial activity in the area. The Niassa Reserve is best suited for folks who have an adventurous mindset, as reaching Niassa is not easy. Four-wheel drive is required, and visitors must trek on foot for a portion of the journey.

One of the most remote natural parks in Africa, Niassa has a large number of tuskers. Other animals that can be spotted include wildebeests, waterbuck, kudus, impalas, hippos, and antelopes. The landscape is amazingly sculpted, with vast forestry and granite domes called the Mucua that are frequented by native tribesmen.

Booking a day trip to Niassa isn’t difficult, as there are many packaged deals on safaris throughout the year. However, the period between April and September is the best tiem to go, since these are slightly drier months and the animals tend to surface more in search of water. A visit to Niassa can be combined with a trip to the Lugenda Wilderness Camp, which is accessable via elephant ride.

Location: the reserve is located within Niassa, Mozambique’s largest province. Visitors can reach Cuamba from where the safari operators arrange for rides headed toward the reserve.

Visiting Medjumbe Island

This is among the largest and most exotic-looking islands that make up the Quirimbas Archipelago near Mozambique’s northern borders. Medjumbe Island is popular for its white, sandy beaches and its uncorrupted, natural terrain. It is perfect for travelers searching for an island getaway where privacy is respected. The view from the island is simply breathtaking, overlooking coral reefs and pristine, blue waters. Day trips are a great way to visit Medjumbe Island, as overnight lodging there can be difficult to arrange. Travelers can rent dive gear, or take lessons from a dive instructor, and enjoy world-class scuba diving. On the other hand, visitors can also spend the day swinging in a hammock, watching the sun set in the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

Location: Medjumbe lies along the northern stretch of the popular Quirimbas Archipelago, and is accessible by plane. Daily flights towards the island are arranged from the nearby Pemba mainland.

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Xefina Grande Day Tour

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Visit an island getaway complete with haunting ruins an old Portuguese military base only a few kilometres from Maputo. The boat trip only take 20 minutes. ON the island you can explore the ruins before coming back to enjoy your lunch with views of Maputo.

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