Cruises in Mozambique

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Taking Mozambique cruises is the best way to experience all that this country has to offer. Travel through this marvelous country and see the tropical island that has beaches with crystal white sands as well as explore the wonders of the untouched underwater around Mozambique.

Beauty and Culture

Mozambique cruises give one the chance to view some of the most beautiful tropical islands that are found in the southern part of Africa. Many of the islands offer good sites for snorkeling as well as scuba diving. Most of these areas have the perfect habitats for fish to thrive in so there is an abundance of marine life and also coral reefs that can be viewed by the tourist who takes part in the cruise. From time to time the cruise ship may stop at a town, giving the tourist the chance to see the old but still beautiful architectural buildings that are still standing in some of the towns and also the opportunity to experience the different cultures and traditions of the people of Mozambique.


Mozambique cruises through Africa take the tourists to places such as the Seychelles where the guests have the chance of a life time to see colonies of giant tortoise with their own bear eyes. Tourists can also take a stroll through the spectacular beaches that Seychelles has.

Bazaruto Archipelago

The cruise takes tourists to Mozambique’s finest unspoiled island that has breathtaking beaches as well as undisturbed coral reefs that offer the best place to go for scuba diving and snorkeling. The Baaruto Archipelago is a group of islands that have not being spoiled by thing like roads; therefore, they are still undeveloped which makes them the perfect place to have a relaxing time and fun at the same time. The islands are surrounded by deep water which makes them the perfect place for sports such as deep sea fishing among others.   


After visiting all of these breathtaking places, the cruise usually heads for the final destination which can be the Matemo Island Resort which is situated some km north off the coast of Mozambique. Guests get to enjoy lunch under the swaying palm trees and also the cool breezes that come from the ocean, giving you peace of mind as well as relaxation to your body. At the resort, mingle with the locals and learn about their traditional dance and many more aspects of their culture.

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