Beaches in Mozambique

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Xai-Xai Beach a view from Xai-Xai Guesthouse

Xai-Xai Beach a view from Xai-Xai Guesthouse

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Mozambique, a country spoilt with white beaches and pristine reefs, is a definite favorite amongst all divers from across the world. Mozambique can most certainly compete with other top class dive destinations and what makes this country so unique and special is that it is not over crowded by tourists and travelers.

Still free from mass tourism, Mozambique offers excellent diving and its friendly communities welcome divers and travelers from all around the world. Mozambique is bordered by South Africa and Swaziland to the South, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi to the west and by Tanzania to the north. The 300 km channel between Mozambique and Madagascar is called the Mozambique Channel.

The outstanding geographical feature of Mozambique is its long, pristine coastline washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Most of the population of Mozambique lives off the sea and more then 60% of the country's population lives along the coast. Mozambique has a population of over 16 million and this is made up predominantly of ten different ethnic groups.
Mozambique also hosts some wildlife but unfortunately up to now we do not know all the species and their numbers. Most of the designated wilderness areas are very remote for both tourists and the average traveler. The numbers of wild life has drastically been reduced though mainly to the scars that the civil war of Mozambique has left on the region. Mozambique is indeed blessed with beautiful scenery on land as well as under the water.  The Mozambican coastline that stretches for approximately 2500km's meets with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean that hosts beautiful untouched and pristine reefs. The beaches are clean and palm fringed making it every holiday makers dream especially when you add the lovely warm weather.

Mozambique is working extremely hard to regain the visitors it once had many years ago before the civil war. The people of Mozambique are warm and friendly and they work just as hard as the government to welcome tourists and to sell their country. Mozambique is a favorite amongst divers as divers of all levels can experience great diving and exploring on the reefs of Mozambique that offers you from manta ray cleaning stations to the gentle giant whale sharks.

February is known in Mozambique to be the hurricane month. Though diving can still take place there may be days that the weather will affect the visibility severely.

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