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Pottery offered through Boutique Lac Iriqi

Pottery offered through Boutique Lac Iriqi

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Morocco's history and the story of Moroccan weaving begin with the Berbers, the indigenous people of North Africa who had inhabited Morocco for centuries before the first Arab invasion in the seventh century. Today, the major weaving groups of the Middle Atlas and High Atlas mountains are Berber tribes, many of whom still live much as they did centuries earlier.

While remarkably diverse, Moroccan flat-woven and knotted pile rugs are almost without exception bold in color and lively in pattern. Designs are made up of geometric motifs arranged in seemingly endless variations. Each tribe has its own distinct repertoire of designs and colors significant to the ceremonial and day to day life of the group. These same patterns can be seen in the art forms relating to other areas of tribal life such as in ceramics, architectural decoration, and tattoos worn by Berber women. Although a weaver draws from the vocabulary of designs particular to her tribe, she works at her loom without a diagram or pattern to guide her. As a result, each rug is a unique creation, a celebration both of her tribal identity and her own artistic imagination.

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Boutique Lac Iriqi

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Boutique Lac Iriqi offers for purchase some of the finest Berber carpets, ceramics, and finely made silver merchandise in Southern Morocco.

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