Zagora Travel Guide

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Courtyard of Hotel La Fibule du Draa

Courtyard of Hotel La Fibule du Draa

Jeffrey Teachout

At first sight, Zagora is a dusty, single street town. However, its location and festivals save it from being just another dust-filled desert town. In many ways Zagora is the end of the line.If you follow the road from Ouarzazate through the gorgeous Draa Valley until the road ends, this is where you wind up. Zagora also used to be the beginning of another line. It is not far from this town that the famous sign " Timbouctou: 52 days" can be found. If the border were open, and you traveled by camel, this may be true as it was a caravan route in the past. The biggest festival in the Draa - the Moussem of Moulay Abdelkader Jilali- is celebrated here.

Zagora is a pleasant place to stay and explore the palm groves and kasbah. There are also some very nice hotels in the area. There is however, a lot of persistent children who will want to guide you or sell you a craft. As it is extremely hot, take it easy, don’t lose your temper and just expect the following. This is a place where you might even see real Tuaregs, and not just normal Moroccan posing as blue men.

There is a Wednesday souk, make sure to try the different types of dates-this place is known for their delicious and diverse dates.

The palm groves of Amazrou are across the bridge and are a wonderful place to wander or stay an evening. The hotel la Fibule is a great place to stay in grove itself.

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