Getting There in Volubilis

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The two easiest ways to reach Volubilis are by bus and car. While bus is definitely cheaper and in my opinion more interesting, hiring a car is faster, sometimes more flexible and to a certain degree more reliable. In either case, it is best to leave as early in the morning as possible since a ride back to Meknes is much harder to get in the evening than in the afternoon.

To go by bus, buy a ticket to MOULAY IDRISS at the Meknes bus station. When getting on the bus, tell the driver you would like to go to Volubilis. You may want to have a piece of paper with the Arabic and/or French spelling of "Volubilis" so he knows what you mean. It also helps to sit at the front of the bus so he can't forget about you.

After a while, the bus driver will (should) let you off at a fork in the road. Obviously, you should watch the bus go one way, and then choose the other fork. You will have to walk about a mile or so, but losing your way should not be a problem as long as you stay on the road. Before long you will see Volubilis itself. Just keep going towards it (staying on the roads of course) until you arrive.

Going by car is quite easy. Simply hire a driver to take you there and arrange for him to pick you up later.

To get back to Meknes without a car, make sure to get back to the fork in the road before the last bus returns from Moulay Idriss (ask several people at the bus station to be sure). Flag it down and hop on. Make sure to have enough money to buy a ticket on the bus.

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