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How to get the best deals and cheap tours to Morocco

Morocco is an increasingly popular visitor destination and makes a great place to go for most months of the season. Here are some top tips on how to find the best deals and cheap tours to Morocco.

Book early

There was a time when late deals were the only way to get a bargain basement deal. Times have changed though, and with the recession a lot of tour operators have tightened up. Many good deals are found by those booking early now. With cheap flight routes opening up to Moroccan cities all the time there are some bargains to be snapped up by booking in advance. New hotels, routes, tours and all manner of holiday deals can be found by planning carefully and booking early. Don’t forget that many of these family owned businesses are among the best kept secrets in Morocco. They get booked up so quickly because previous visitors spread the word and come back for a repeat visit. Booking early is essential.

Go local

The internet is a wonderful thing these days and is an excellent way of finding accommodation, tours, and guides. Many local Moroccan companies are cheaper than the corporate international chains and have an expert knowledge base of their own country. The other advantage here is that money spent with a local guest house or tour company will stay in Morocco and help the local economy and employment. Choose from expert trekking guides in the Atlas Mountains or a guide with expert knowledge of the souks. You can stay in a family owned riad and tour historic cities with local experts at great prices.

Avoid peak times

If possible, try and travel outside the peak holiday period. One of the advantages of Morocco as a visitor destination is that the climate suits most times of year making it ideal for spring and summer vacations as well as winter tours. Morocco has something going on most of the time too so there is always something to see and do. Check out the price comparisons and by booking a vacation just outside the main holiday period you could save a lot of money.

Often the deals advertised at bargain rates have a lot of hidden extras. You could snap up what appears to be a good deal on a cheap tour to find there are a lot of hidden extras. Check what is included in cheap tours of Morocco and other deals to the country before confirming a booking. Often the local Moroccan companies have some excellent packages and tailor made tours that work out a lot cheaper than some of the large international company deals.

Planning a visit to Morocco is really exciting because there are some great deals around and a lot of excellent possibilities for tours. By booking early and making some good local arrangements you’ll end up with a good deal and have a magical Moroccan experience on holiday.

Source: http://www.moroccotraveltours.com

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