Tineghir Travel Guide

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palmeraie house

palmeraie house

Even though Tineghir (sometimes written as Tinerhir) is a good base from which to visit the Todra Gorge, it is also a very beautiful and relaxing place to stay. The Tineghir palm grove is a must see, before or after a visit to the gorge. The palmery is like a fantasy world in itself, with its many crumbling ksours (mud-like family houses) and miles of date palms blowing in the wind. It’s a comfortable place to just get lost. An interesting way to explore them is by renting a mule and a guide in town.

The ruined Glaoui Kasbah stands in ruin on a hill above the town. This a spectacular place to go at sunset as the view of the palmery is one of the best in Morocco (it is the largest and richest oases of the Moroccan South).

About 10 km from Tineghir, the Gorge reaches a very narrow point, where the paved road stops (you may have to take off your shoes and roll up your pants to cross a stream). There is a hotel, a restaurant and a cool spring. Best time to visit is February to June.

Good quality Berber crafts can be found, for a reasonable price, at the Maison Berbere.

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