Shopping in Taza

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An advantage of shopping in Taza is the fact, that it is not as overrun by tourists as the larger cities in Morocco. You can take your time and enjoy the calm and the ambiance of small town life.

At the Medina you can get what most tourists take home as souvenirs: arts and crafts or the typical Moroccan "babouches" and clothing. The main shopping streets in the Ville Nouvelle are the Avenue Mohammed V and the Rue Allal Ben Abdullah. Here you can get everything, that you need for everyday life. At the corner of the Place d'Ind├ępendance there is a bookstore.

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Taza Haut

Taza haut is the oldest part of town, small streets, old buildings, and the oldest historic mosque ( Jamae Lakbir ) the Greatest mosque located in the deepest medina, a LANDMARK of the city. The mosque was buit by the " Al Mowahidine" dynasty in the 8th century " Hijri ", it is known for its largest copper chandelier, all handcut and hand tooled with the Arabic calligraphy all around the chandelier, a masterpiece that is rare and unique. Also the greatest mosque is known for its "SUN CLOCK" and the mosaic foutains at the more..

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address:Laharach, Derb Khtitila, Taza Haut, 35000
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