Internet Cafes in Taza

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Like all over the world also in Taza surfing the web and chatting has become a common pastime. So more and more internet-cafés are opening, mainly in the Ville Nouvelle. There you will meet especially the young "Tazi", who enjoy an evening out at the internet-café to chat and meet their friends.

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Mahlabat Annas

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Small internet-café with 9 PCs, headphones and microphones and a very friendly service. You can also  buy some refreshments, fresh homemade yoghurt and cakes. It's situated in the Ville Nouvelle (Taza-Bas), a 15 min. walk from the train station. An hour on the internet costs 4 Dirham. It's is open every day, from morning till at least midnight (hours vary according to season).

type:Internet Cafe
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accessibility:every day
address:3, Rue Esmara, Bit Ghoulam, 35000 Taza
price:4 Dirham per hour = ca. 0,40 Euro
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