History in Taza

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The vestiges of old civilizations, such as axes of stones, flints cut, ruins of bridges, tombs and necropoles, make it possible to affirm that Taza counts among the oldest inhabited places of the Northern Africa. Perched to 600 m of altitude, on a rock abrupt of the last buttresses of the average Eastern Atlas, Taza dominates and orders the great way of invasion known as the "Corridor of Taza", the only easy passage between the Atlantic and Oujda. 

The Romans, the Vandals and the Arabs used it to invade the fertile plains of Western Morocco.  According to the tradition, the city is said to have been during a long period for the Berber populations of the Atlas a kind of citadel advanced against the invasions. 

Its pre-contemporary history started with the Idrisside dynasty. Proclaimed Khalif, Idriss I. subjected to their obedience the tribes who lived between Volubilis and the threshold of Taza. It was at that time, that the Ribat de Taza was founded by the Rhiatas, Meknassa and Metalssa. 

Later, the Almoravides and Almohades build the ramparts which lengthen on 3 km approximately. 
The Almohadian Sultan Abd-el-Moumen would restore these fortifications to make the city one of the first places of Morocco. After the death of the Alaouite Sultan Moulay Er-Rachid in 1672 Taza lost its status as a capital once and for all, with the exception of the interim "reign" of Bou Hemara. He had gained the support of local Berber tribes and had himself proclaimed Sultan in 1902 in Taza, but was imprisoned by Sultan Moulay Hafid and executed a few years later.

When Taza was occupied by French troops in 1914, it was made a garrison town. In the first period of the French Protectorate Taza served as a base and starting point for raids agains the Berbers in the Rif and the Middle Atlas, who tried to found independent states.

In 1956 Taza regained some local administrative importance, when it was made the provincial capital of the region.

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