Getting There in Taza

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The best way to get to Taza is by train (O.N.C.F) or by bus.
Taking the C.T.M. busses is the most comfortable way to travel by bus, because they 
mostly have modern equipment and are often furnished with air-conditioning.
A part from C.T.M. there are also other bus companies, that stop in Taza.

The Taza train station is situated in the north of the Ville Nouvelle.

Timetables and train connections can be found at: 
(in French or Arabic) 

Information about the O.N.C.F. fares: p
(in French or Arabic)

For people who travel often or at certain times, there are special offers, for example the "week-end-ticket" ("billet week-end").
For offers, conditions and prices look at: tm
(in French or Arabic)

C.T.M. Bus:
The C.T.M. busses stop at the Place de l'Indépendance.

Information about C.T.M. bus connections can be found at: 
(in French or Arabic, an English and a Spanish version are still under construction)

Grands Taxis:
You also can take the "grands taxis" to get to nearby towns like Fès and Oujda. These cabs are usually shared with other passengers, or - if you are willling to spend a little more money - you can negociate with the driver to get one by yourself.
The "grands taxis" arrive and depart near the train station.

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