Eating Out in Taza

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While visiting the café is a common pastime of Moroccan men, going out to dinner to a restaurant (especially as a "tête-à-tête" of a couple) is not very common. In Morocco, the prefered place for enjoying a dinner is the home, in the circle of the family. Often friends or relatives are invited. So in smaller towns you will find mostly tourists and transient travellers at the restaurants. But in the last few years dining out has become more fashionable, especially for the youth in the larger cities. In Taza there are a few restaurants and cafés where you can have a nice, calm evening out, if you don't want to stay at the hotel.

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Les Deux Rives

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A freshly renowated and very clean little restaurant in mediterranean style with prettily decorated tables. They offer amongst others salads, tajines, pastilla, pizza and soups. The prices were between 25 and 50 Dirhams (2,50 - 5,00 Euro).


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address:20, Avenue Oujda, 35000 Taza
PriceOfMenu:between 25 and 50 Dirhams

Café Picasso

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If you are looking for a place to breakfast ouside the hotel, the "Café Picasso" is a good choice. Unlike most other cafés it is not exclusively frequented by men, so you can feel very comfortable as a woman. The service in this little café is very good.
A "petit-déjeuner" costs between 20 and 25 Dirham (about 2 to 2,50 Euro), fresh orange juice 10 Dirham, coffee 6 Dirham and hot chocolate 8 Dirham.

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address:Immeuble Aarab Angle,Avenue Mohammed V,35000 Taza

Café Biyaz

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Cafe Biyaz

Down the street at the corner,you can also enjoy your espresso cafe at Cafe biyaz, may be have a conversation with Khalid, the can ask for your favourite news channel, or may watch a live soccer game with locals....A place where you can meet nice people and you will enjoy it.

The Menu

- Cafe espresso 6 Dh - 0.60 Euro

- Mint tea          4 Dh - 0.40 Euro

- Soda / Coca or Fanta.. 6 Dh - 0.60 Euro

- Other drinks upon request

To be served well ask more..

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