Travel Guide in Tangier

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A TAngier Travel Guide will help you find mystery, history, beaches, and friendly people. Tangier is a port city on the Moroccan Mediterranean that has everything an exploring tourist would hope to find.

Tangier is a common port of call for cruise ships traveling between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This is something to keep in mind if you're planning a trip to the area as you'll likely want to plan your outings for days that ships are not in port in order to cut down on the crowds. The area is often crowded though as it is easily accessible by boat, plane, rail, bus or car. Once in town you'll likely find walking to be the best mode of transportation. There are taxis available if you can not walk long distances.

Beach & Famed Destinations

  • A walk along the beachfront Avenue quickly reveals why Tangier is famed with travel pros. Along the beautiful beach walkway you will also come across many other areas that are famed in Tangier. You should stop at:
  • The Kabash Museum. You'll have to pay a nominal entrance fee, but it is well worth it. The building was once a Sultan's palace and continues to boast beautiful architecture and outdoor gardens. Inside you'll find artifacts from modern times all the way back to the Phoenician period.
  • The American Legation. This is a cultural center with a museum and library located centrally in the Medina (old part) of the city. This is the only United States historic landmark located overseas and features a large collection of art and historical items. There is also an interior museum focused on the life of writer and composer Paul Bowles.
  • Mnar Park is not located along the beachfront but is worthy of a vist. This aquatic park can brag about it's expansive sea view. For a small fee this family-friendly park boasts water slides, go karts, restaurants and a famed pancake house.
  • Souk. If you're in Tangier on a Thursday or Saturday morning, you should take this spectacle in as well. Rif mountain women dress in traditional attire and sell produce and jewelry to tourists. This is located along the wall of the English Church. 


There are many bars and nightclubs all catering to a different type of crowd. Some of the best known and most frequently visited include Casa Pepe, Marco Polo, Morroco Palace, and Sable D'or. Hotel bars worth a visit are El Minzah and Ramada.

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