Sights in Tangier

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Tangier sights are truly diverse and broad. Ancient culture dating back thousands of years is intermingled with modern monuments and one of the best beaches in Africa.

The Mendoubia Gardens

Arguably some of the most beautiful and well-shaded gardens in the country, the Mendoubia also boasts a banyan tree that is almost a thousand years old. You can also find here a memorial to the Sultan's Representative (the Mendoub) whose office was located near here during the period of the International. You can go to the Mendoubia Gardens every day apart from Sundays when they are closed.

The Grand Socco

Ranking as one of the best Tangier sights, the Grand Socco is effectively the city's primary market square. It is a great point of departure for any traveler who wants to mooch around town soaking up the atmosphere. There are many cafes located in and around the Grand Socco where the locals gather to eat, drink and be friendly. There are no actual working markets here - these ceased in the 1970s - but the actual area is still worth a visit and aesthetically impressive. If you do want to go and buy stuff from a working market, then your best bet is to head down to Rue d'Angleterre and Rue Portugal. You'll find everything from junk to antiques in such places.

Place de France

One of the key Tangier sights, this attractive square boasts a number of shops and cafes where both locals and expatriates like to hang out especially in the late afternoon. Arguably the most interesting and famous of all the cafes, the Cafe Paris is located here, which was the primary meeting place throughout the tumult of the International period. Secret agents from Japan, Britain, America, Germany and Italy used the Cafe Paris and other venues in and around the Place de France to meet up during World War II.

The Kasbah

For a taste of the real Morocco and one of the best of Tangier sights, you must get down to the Kasbah which is walled off from the coast's highest rise. Once inside the Kasbah, you will find history and culture to delight and edify. There are colonnades, 1920s villas and walled compounds that inform the modern traveler that this part of town was once the most chic district to live in.


You have one of the best views of the world standing on the top of the hill on which Tangier is built. There aren't many places where you can see two continents at once. This definately rates as a major attraction of Tangier. The road all the way up, is steep and colorful. While walking to the highest point you will get a good impression what the town is all about.

But Tangier has more to offer. It has nice markets, some excellent museums and hotels with stunning views. You will also find one of the largest trees I have ever seen in a park near the Petit Socco. Here you find a selection of what's offered.

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Hercules Caves

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If you go to Tangier for longer then a day, you should not miss the caves of Hercules. They are at an approximate 30 minute drive per taxi, a drive that allows you to see also a bit of the residential areas of the city as well as the emtpy beaches. To visit the caves themselves takes only 10 minutes but afterwards you can have a tea on the rocks and if the sun shines the whole trip makes a very nice afternoon.

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The Grand Socco or Place du 9 avril 1947

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It was in this square, on April 9th 1947, that sultan Mohammed V made a famous speech in which he referred to independence for Morocco. This vast marketplace is dominated on the south-west by the minaret of Sidi Abib mosque (1917), decorated with multi-coloured ceramic tiles. The Grand Socco is the center of Tangier and a good place to start a tour as it links the medina and the new city. It was once full of snake charmers, musicians, storytellers much like the Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakesh. It is still busy on market days (Thursday and Sunday)when Riffian berbers come from the more..

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The Petit Socco

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Located in the heart of the Medina, this little square is one of the most picturesque sites in Tangier. The noisy bustling crowd in multi-coloured clothing contrasts with those who have time to idle away over a cup of mint tea at the terraces of the cafés. The Petit Socco is at the end of the Rue des Siaghines. This is an interesting place to have a cup of mint tea and ponder on this busy little square’s colorful past. Not too long ago, this was the center for male prostitution, pornographic films and drug-related activities. The area still holds onto its sleazy more..

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The Tangier American Legation

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Morocco was the first nation to recognize the United States in 1776. This building, purchased in 1821, is the oldest American overseas legation. The museum houses documents which retrace the history of the relations between Morocco and the United States since 1776. Other collections are also on display : furniture, ancient doors, maps, paintings. It is here that the Allied Forces prepared part of the 1942 landings in North Africa.

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