Shopping in Tangier

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Perched along the Strait of Gibraltar, the beauty of Tangier has inspired artists since the 19th century. Tangier shopping isn’t merely about the purchasing of goods. It is in itself a cultural experience that one should not miss. Personifying the same exotic artistry, Tangier today stimulates anyone’s senses with colors and fragrances from artisan shops and aromatic bakeries. 

The Souks of Tangier

These traditional markets are an important characteristic of Moroccan life and one of the country’s most famous attractions. Located in almost every district, souks are full of a variety of household objects that can decorate your life back home. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the lively stalls and excited shopkeepers, and stay away from tourist traps to find more agreeable prices. Altogether, the intense energy makes the experience quite entertaining and unforgettable.

The Medina of Fez

Begin your journey in Medina, the central and oldest part of the city. Hundreds of souks offer textiles, rugs, antiques and tabletop decorations. Be sure to be on the lookout for hand-woven and embroidered textiles such as the hendiras, which are shawls made by mothers for their daughter’s wedding. Berber cushions, pottery, traditional garments and contemporary Moroccan Art are also essentials when it comes to shopping in Fez. Some merchants start with reasonable prices and would refuse to give big discounts. For those who start high, continue to bargain until you reach an agreeable price. It would be best to shop around first to get a better idea on the quality and prices.

Shopping in Marrakech

Find anything from textiles, carpets, pottery, leather bags, traditional Moroccan clothing, priceless antiques, jewelry, love potions and even donkeys. It’s best to start off at Rue Souk Smarine, then head towards either Souk el Attarine or Souk el Kebir.  From the Ben Youssef mosque, make your way to the northern end of the souks wherein you can find a handful of workshops that give opportunity to travelers to view the actual production of goods. Bargaining is essential as sellers significantly inflate their initial prices. It’s advisable to start at around one third of what you’re willing to pay. After shopping, be sure to visit the Djemaa El Fna market, which is famous for snake charmer, storytellers, musicians and acrobatic events. And lastly, don’t leave without getting yourself a pair of traditional leather slippers called belgha.


Tearooms and perfumeries from the colonial era, shops like little poems, handmade products that at the same time leave an ecological footstep that is in no comparison to European or American products... Tangier is a shopping destination unlike any other.

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Shopping in Tangier

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Tangier has become a hip shopping destination of the European residentials in southern Spain. Bored of shopping centres that are the same from Oslo to Marbella, the different products and the exotic quality of the products in the souk of Tangier have become very popular.

The increase goes very slowly though. It is amazing how afraid people are made of crossing the Gibraltar Strait, as if it would be no less than a shocking adventure. That may be so ... but only for the very unadventurous.

Most shoppers do not have a problem with crossing once a month, to buy in more..

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