Getting Around in Tangier

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Tangier is a fairly big city, but the part that interests you is small. You have the Medina, with all its small, winding streets, usually found in the old Moroccan part of town, with the petit socco, where rue es-Siaghin, rue des Postes and Rue des Chretiens meet. Take the first of these streets to go to the Grand Socco, the second to the port and the third to go to the Casbah.

The new part of town just facing the Medina is full of interests as well. The Avenue d'Espagne / Avenue FAR (same street, different names) is easliy found, it goes east from the port along the shore. Higher up in the new city, you'll find the Belvedere near the Place the France and the big Boulevard Pasteur as central points. Rue de la Liberte leads you back to the Grand Socco.

Petit Taxis are the best way to move around in the new city. You find them at the Grand Socco.

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