Getting There in Tangier

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From Spain, ferries run regularly (several a day) from both Tarifa and Algeciras. From Tarifa the fast ferry is only 35 minutes but you should not expect any of these lines to run on schedule. Expect delays of up to several hours.  Also, from Spain to Morocco there is a time change. During summer (daylight savings) the difference is two hours earlier in Morocco. In the winter, it is only one hour early than in Spain.

Some of the companies that run ferries include:


Once you arrive, the CTM (national bus line) station is only seconds walk from the gate of the port. Do not take a taxi there, you do not need it.

The train station  (ONCF) is further: Take a petit taxi and do not pay more than 50Dirham. Try to get the fare on the meter. If this is the case, you will probably pay about 10Dh.

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